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OnStarGo is a mobile commerce platform that leverages Advisor-In (OnStar agents), Built-In (IHU), Brought-In (comparison apps) and Connected-In (3rd party web/social) to enable customers to discover, plan and transact with points of interest (POIs) wherever they are traveling.

OnStarGo is an intentional shift from vehicle-centric to user-centric, with the goal of capturing both frequent drivers and casual passengers of a vehicle. OnStarGo is an integrated, cross-devices experience where customer context is seamlessly maintained. Example: An OnStar agent could look up nearby restaurants and present offers to an OnStar customer who requests assistance finding a restaurant. The agent could then “push the restaurant to the customer’s IHU as a vehicle destination, while at the same time sending the offer coupon to the customer’s smartphone via SMS or email.

The OnStarGo system takes a layered approach to POI search; blending a baseline POI dataset with “high-functioning” ratings data (e.g. Yelp, Foursquare), hotel lookup and booking data (e.g. Priceline), fuel data (?), parking data (e.g Parkopedia) and offers data; and finally factoring in user preferences and history. OnStarGo will continue to extend the breadth and usability of high-functioning POIs.

OnStarGo has five initial monetization strategies

1. Adword-Sponsored POI Search Results

2. Category-Sponsored POI Search Results

3. One-Touch Find Placement

4. Daily Deals Placement

5. Smart Event Placement

In an effort to get OnStarGo 1.0 to market as quickly as possible (June 2014), some features are scheduled for a 2.0 release. This document what will be the initial release of the OnStarGo experience.



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